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The Three GuidesThere are two sets of Three Guides in the visual on the right.  Life presents us with many challenging circumstances to figure out what to do. Consider “What does God guide?“. God provides an instruction manual called “The Bible” and a conscience too, to guide us through life. The Bible teaches the One God consists of three distinct persons of one character:

  • Father
  • Son
  • Holy Spirit

The Three Guides God Father Son Holy SpiritThrough Jesus Christ, the Son of God, believers in God extract guidance from his words and life. After ascending to Heaven, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to provide further lifelong guidance to believers. God the Father watches over all creation, and ensures there are always right ways to handle any circumstances, including all temptations and tribulations.

What further guidance does God provide, when there is latitude on how we are to act?

God provides three more guides through our life:

  • Wisdom
  • Love
  • Faith

Jesus’ teachings, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and elsewhere in the Bible contain numerous insights on how the Wisdom Guide is to be used. To have insight, understanding, knowledge, and discretion to pick the wise course of action is a benefit and a blessing throughout life. Consider “What does Wisdom Guide?

The Three Guides QuestionsGod commands us to Love God totally and to Love our neighbors as ourselves. Jesus demonstrated that love by willingly laying down his life as the perfect payment for our sins. The Love Guide is a powerful driver of positive change, leading many to support others emotionally, spiritually, and physically throughout life. Consider “What does Love Guide?

The Bible instructs us that the righteous live by faith, and showed many living out their faith fruitfully. Faith guided King David to defeat the Philistine Goliath, Ester to save the Jews from Haman’s death sentence, Daniel and his companions to triumph over death sentences by lions and fire, and Jesus’ disciplines to spread the Gospel message widely around the world. The Faith Guide enables believers to stand up to seemingly impossible circumstances, and come out victorious, forgiven, and healed, thanks to God’s interventions. Consider “What does Faith Guide?

The Three Guides Work TogetherThe Love Guide, Wisdom Guide, and Faith Guide are meant to all work together to enable us to make proper decisions. Consider Queen Ester’s defeating Haman’s evil genocide plans. She loved her people the Jews, so she wished to save them all. Wisdom lead her to consider the timing and manner in which to appeal to the King. Faith lead her trust in God as she risked her life to intervene and appeal for the life of her people.

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