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Carl Frederick II is a business, technology, and biblical enthusiast. The business and technology backgrounds include an Executive Masters in Technology Management (EMTM) from the University of Pennsylvania, a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering with a Computer Engineering specialty from Rutgers University's College of Engineering, and a Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics from Rutgers College, with a secondary in Psychology. The author has applied concepts in Computer Science to write computer programs in various languages that have been used in the service millions of people. The viewpoints & opinions expressed in blogs represent the author rather than any organization to which author affiliated. The author has two blogs, TechOpia.WordPress.com and CreationOpia.WordPress.com. Blog Mission: This blog post shows how technology and the bible are complementary. The Approach: This exploration applies concepts from the broader field of computer science towards understanding the bible, it's poetry, theology, creation accounts and the awesome Power of God. This is the one true God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There is no God but this God, who has acted in history to preserve and elevate those who follow God's righteousness. Deepen Your Understanding: By understanding the field of computer science, and drawing analogies with biblical historical accounts, you as readers are able to understand how God is able to act to achieve his will. Miracles are still miracles, yet are now understandable through the lens of computer science. Our Calling: All living people are called to follow Jesus, to ask for forgivess, to seek to love their neighbors as themselves, and to work to show love to their enemies. Jesus' followers know that God is the avenger on those who plot and plan evil. Human-kind are called to become followers of Jesus and to show kindness towards others. Questions You'll Be Able to Answer: How does God know what people do? How does God watch over the entire creation? What more can we learn about creation with this scientific viewpoint, this computer science paradigm towards creation? How does God ensure only the proper people are written in the Book of Life? How does God know our thoughts and prayers?

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